Oracle SB12c QuickTip: Fix HTTP 403 on calling SOAP/REST Proxy Services

A few days ago, I faced a strange behaviour when I tried to test SOAP and REST services deployed to a fresh SOA Suite 12c ( installation. Using SOAP UI for testing the services always gave me an response in a HTML format, which says ” Error 403 Forbidden”, like it is displayed in the screenshot below:

screen-shot-2017-01-29-at-15-04-03Going through all log files of the corresponding Managed Server, where Servicebus was installed to, I didn’t find any hint that even the request was delivered to the servers. The requests simply had no footprint in the access.log or the server’s diagnostics.log – which seemed to be very strange to me. Assuming that the behaviour might have been something to do with the security policies applied to the services, I disabled all security policies as a next step – without any success.

After testing the services successfully in another environment, it was quite clear to me that something was wrong with the domain setup and after some investigations, I found the root cause for the “Error 403 Forbidden” message: Using the deployments view in Weblogic Console, I noticed that “API Manager Starter Application” was targeted to the Servicebus Cluster. Like described in MOS Note 2087277.1, I un-targeted this application from the Cluster, restarted the corresponding Managed Servers and afterwards, I was able to test the services without receiving the mentioned exception. Like the MOS note described this behaviour might happen, if the wrong Template (Oracle API Manager Template) is chosen for Servicebus, when setting up a domain.

Since it took me some time to understand the behaviour and to fix it accordingly, I hope this short post will preserve you from running into the same issue.


5 thoughts on “Oracle SB12c QuickTip: Fix HTTP 403 on calling SOAP/REST Proxy Services

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  2. It didn’t fixed my 403 error. I even created my whole domain from scratch without API Manager reference, but the error is still there.

    My domain is a Compact Domain without osb_server, all in one inside the Admin, maybe it could be this.


    1. svenbernhardt

      Hi Victor,

      didn’t notice the problem in a Compact Domain. It occurred in a Production Domain, where the AdminServer is only used as central Configuration instance. All other components (Servicebus, SOA, OWSM, ESS) are deployed to other servers.

      So it might be that this is a problem with the Compact domain. I already noticed different behaviours between Production and Compact domains in the past. Is it an option for you to go for a Production domain?

      Best regards,


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