News and noteworthy about Oracle PaaS – My thoughts on the emerging PaaS Partner Community Forum 2019

5 days packed with lots of information regarding the current product portfolio as well as the respective product strategies and that’s all for free? Where can you find an offering like that? Simple answer: At the annual Oracle Emerging PaaS Partner Community Forum!

This year the conference took place at Magaluf (Mallorca, Spain). This traditional event is a must-attend event for partners, since it provides outstanding possibilities
to share and exchange knowledge with other Oracle partners as well as the Product Management team. It also provides the chance, to give feedback Oracle’s Cloud Platform portfolio and the products itself.

The event is also intended to enable Partners to implement solutions on basis of the Oracle platform, by provide an interesting and valuable set of Hands-on labs (HOL) focussing the the latest Product versions and features.

The conference agenda

The first day of the forum belongs solely to the Partners, who did presentations on emerging technologies used in customers projects. Attendees were able to choose between presentations about SaaS and SaaS integration, technical topics like Digital Assistants or GraphQL and business-related topics, with session about Women in IT, as well. This day, with its built-your-own agenda concept was really cool with valuable information.

The second and third day were mainly focussing on the Oracle Cloud Platform portfolio and the latest evolvements and innovations within the portfolio. Where the second day gave a high-level and general overview to the platform-level strategy with respect to the following product areas:

  • Content and Experience Management
  • Serverless Functions and APIs
  • Digital Assistants
  • Integration, Process and Machine Learning (“Smart Processes”)
  • Artificial Intelligence

On the third day it gets more into the details of the aforementioned areas. The respective  breakout sessions could be chosen individually. The day was structured in four different rounds:

  • Enterprise process & integration track, where aspects like SaaS Integration patterns as well as SaaS Customization, the general Integration portfolio
    and SOA Suite migrations to the Cloud have been discussed
  • Development tools & DevOps track, with topics from the area of Application modernization with Client-side Javascript, Digital Assistants, Progressive app development with VBCS and
    DevOps based on the Oracle Cloud portfolio
  • Application development track, dealing with Microservice development with Helidon, Weblogic on Kubernetes, API Management and last but not least Serverless development with Oracle Functions
  • Innovation track, dealing with innovative solutions in the Content & Experience space (Integration with AI and ML), Enterprise Blockchain, Smart process (Dynamic processes supported by ML and Robotic Process automation)
    as well as Internet of Things

Traditionally, the conference closes with two days of Hand-on Labs (HOL). The offering here was overwhelming. 11(!) different Labs were offered covering everything that was discussed over the days before. Incredible offering and an amazing chance for partners to get their hands dirty on the latest stuff.

Summary and key takeaways

The annual PaaS Partner Community Forum is a first-class conference and as already mentioned a must-attend event for Oracle Partners, to get the latest information from Product Management and – even more important – to provide feedback on products, the portfolio and also the current strategy.

My personal key takeaways from this years conference are:

  • Oracle continuous their way to embrace and support Open Source technologies by leveraging respective technologies in their products, like Spark for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning or Hyperledger Fabric in the Blockchain area; Oracle also publishes frameworks like Oracle JET (Javascript UIs,, Fn Project (Serverless/FaaS, or Helidon (Microservices,
  • Kubernetes is the de-facto next-gen Application delivery platform
  • Don’t under-estimate the power and also weaknesses of GraphQL; there is no REST or GraphQL, simply use the one that best fits your use case; there are good reasons for a co-existence, e.g. GraphQL for implementing API compositions based on REST APIs
  • Digital Assistants are the latest and fanciest communication channels to engage with customers, partners and also internal colleagues (ChatOps, etc.)
  • Blockchain is becoming more and more relevant for enterprises with respect to transparent and secure End-2-End Business transactions; time to take a deeper look and discuss real-world cases with customers
  • Integration and workflow automation is not new, but it is still a first class citizen and provides the foundation for new concepts, like Digital Assistants; in addition, it all gets more and more integrated with AI and ML, with respect to Smart and predictive processes
  • Helidon is a serious alternative to Springboot for implementing Microservices
  • Oracle provides a good and solid Serverless foundation with Fn Project and Oracle Functions (to be GA’ed) and should be seriously considered

Last but no least I wanted to thank Jürgen Kress for an amazing event, which was perfectly organized and very valuable for all attendees. Thanks for building this amazing community of experts and provide an opportunity to share knowledge in such a great and professional atmosphere!